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    A Breitling comemora o 50º aniversário da mprimeira ida ao espaço de um cronógrafo de pulso. A 24 de Maio de 1962, um cronógrafo Breitling Navitimer foi o primeiro instrumento de pulso a partilhar a conquista do espaço, acompanhando o voo do Aurora 7.

    Para assinalar a efeméride, a Breitling lança um novo Navitimer Cosmonaute, com caixa em aço, equipado com um calibre de carga manual, da manufactura (Caliber 02). Mostrador de 24 horas. Cronómetro certificado COSC. Régua de cálculo circular e tabela de conversão Celsius/Fahrenheit no verso da caixa. Edição limitada a 1962 peças.

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    The early 1960s were all about the space race. The Americans launched the Mercury program intended to develop manned flights. They were looking for a high-performance, accurate and reliable chronograph capable of withstanding exceptional conditions. With this in mind, they naturally turned to Breitling, the “official supplier to world aviation” and a privileged partner of the finest hours in aeronautical history. The Navitimer, the cult pilot's watch created in 1952, with its famous circular slide rule serving to perform all operations relating to airborne navigation, naturally asserted itself as the ideal instrument in taking up this challenge. It successfully passed all the required tests, and on May 24th 1962, Lt Commander Scott Carpenter orbited the Earth three times aboard the Aurora 7 capsule. On his wrist was a Navitimer equipped with a 24-hour graduated scale serving to distinguish day from night – an absolute necessity in space. Mission accomplished. This was a major new token of recognition for Breitling, and this space conquest pioneer soon entered the brand's collections under the name of Cosmonaute.
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    Time is inexistent for the most advanced Physics. So what else is really a watch if a temple of the most ancient, magical and labyrinthic religion?...