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Hilo: Una curiosa pregunta técnica sobre el IWC FA Jones - Foro General

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    que reloj más bonito

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    A falta de que alguien nos diga algo mas, me acabo de encontrar con la siguiente información. Aunque se refiere específicamente al Cal. 8541, si nos da respuesta a la pregunta inicial de Santi:

    Cita Iniciado por santi Ver mensaje
    Si quiero modificar la regulación del reloj que uso ¿La flecha Jones o el Gyromax????


    The initial regulation is done by moving the mobile head 24a of the two part regulator 24.

    Precision regulating.

    The regulator 24 can be carefully shifted by using the eccentric 25. By this means inaccuracies of up to 10 seconds every 24 hours are easy to correct.


    Should an even more precise regulation be required, the small weights 26 on the balance can be turned by means of a screwdriver (always kept parallel). These weights are not screwed, but mounted on pivots and therefore turned with ease. One half of the screw head is bevelled off. If the watch is fast, the weights are turned so that their heavier half is further away from the centre of the balance.
    If the watch is slow, the process is reversed. With practice it is possible to carry out corrections of as little as 5 seconds. Thanks to the Incabloc shock absorption system these corrections can be undertaken at the movement itself - without having to remove the balance.

    IWC's drop adjustment system.

    By turning the eccentric 27 the stud support 28 is released and this can then be shifted to facilitate precise adjustment of the drop. Now you know automatically how it is possible to reproduce the time mechanically.

    From the IWC publication A01686/01.91, October 1989, pages 16 to 19.

    ... o sea ... regulación y luego masselottes



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