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Hilo: Nuevo JLC SQUADRA Ceramico - Foro General

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    Predeterminado Nuevo JLC SQUADRA Ceramico

    Novedad que presentara en Ginebra Jaeger Lecoultre , Reverso Squadra cronografo y horas del mundo , caja ceramica-oro rosa o titanio , el articulo está publicado por Jaw en Horomundi y es para disfrutarlo un saludo.
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    We have discussed this at previous thread and the the High Precision Ceramic Reverso case as covered by the Le Club article.

    This is basically the facelift version of the Reverso Squadra World Chronograph now in Ceramic case with either Pink Gold or Titanium Grade 5 Reverso carriage. The Pink Gold version is limited to 500 pieces to commemorate one of the Squadra Ambassadors, he is also One of the world top Polo players - Eduardo Novillo Astrada.

    Below is the press release text as issued by Jaeger-LeCoultre:

    Reverso Squadra WWT Polo Fields Chronograph

    A new city disc style, with 5 important Polo cities marked for the World Timer. Soto Grande, London-Ham, Palermo, Dubai and Palm Beach.

    Extreme design, ceramic case; the technical watch par excellence

    Square, masculine, assertive: the Reverso Squadra asserted itself right from its launch as the ultimate in technical watches. It immediately earned its place on men’s wrists thanks to its design and performances. For the first time in its history, a Reverso sports a black ceramic case, a concentrated blend of avant-garde technologies, which naturally frames the traditional double face required to display additional functions. This tour de force combines with prodigious mechanical complexity to meet the needs of elite sportsmen competing on polo fields the world over: a chronograph with perfectly readable indications to precisely measure the time of each chukka, as well as a large date display. The back is dedicated to an indication that is vital to those whose passion leads them to travel the globe: the world-time function, instantly showing the time in each time zone. Audacious, elegant and sturdy: a watch designed for these exceptional sportsmen who must be able to rely at all times on an unfailingly reliable timepiece.

    Ceramics enters the realm of the Reverso

    Undoubtedly only such an exceptional model as the Reverso Squadra WWT Polo Fields chronograph could justify the entry of ceramics into the Reverso range. Extremely technical, incredibly resistant and ultra-sporty, only such a unique watch could display this extreme design featuring an envelope made up of a swivel case in black ceramics resting on a pink gold or titanium carrier. To achieve this extraordinary aesthetic accomplishment, it was essential to supersede the constraints generally imposed by the use of ceramics and to develop a machining technology superior to those used thus far. The production of ceramic parts is generally based on injection moulding of two components: the ceramic powder as such, along with a plastic binding agent designed to facilitate agglomeration. The subsequent firing in a kiln serves to weld the ceramic grains and evaporate the binding substance. The mass is then subjected to progressive shrinkages until it reaches the final size. This process is however not impeccable, since it may lead to the formation of bubbles or porosities liable to spoil the aesthetics of the surface, and above all to weaken the structure as a whole. Moreover, it results in somewhat imprecise geometrical dimensions that are incompatible with the demands of a Jaeger-LeCoultre case.

    Close inspection of the case component, high precision in a Reverso Suadra is an essential specification.

    There was obviously no question of Jaeger-LeCoultre accepting such disadvantages on a watch designed to face up to extreme wearing conditions. Here too, the concept had to be entirely rethought, starting with the composition of ceramic powders. After lengthy research, the Manufacture chose a blend of zirconium oxide and yttrium. In the absence of a binding agent, the two parts are pressed before being heated to 2500 degrees to form solid blocks that are thus extremely homogeneous by nature.

    Nonetheless, the remarkable hardness of this high-end ceramics requires specific tools to machine it, in the form of grinding-wheels coated with diamond crystals, as well as fine diamond powders to polish it. To make things even more difficult, it is important to remember that the case of the Reverso comprises over 50 parts and is therefore one of the most complex to make due to its swivelling principle. The result of this long and meticulous task is an exceptional degree of hardness equivalent to 1200 Vickers – compared with 600 Vickers for hardened steel. The extremely compact and homogeneous case of the Reverso Squadra WWT Polo Fields Chronograph is a state-of-the-art achievement in its own right, endowed with exceptional characteristics that guarantee it amazing resistance to scratches and extremely long-term durability and stability An automatic movement by Jaeger-LeCoultre Specially designed for the Reverso Squadra WWT Polo Fields Chronograph, the twin-barrel Calibre 753 appears through the transparent city disc that reveals the oscillating weight of this superb 39-jewel movement beating at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. A mechanical masterpiece, it embodies all the genius of a movement capable of displaying the different indications on each of the faces of the reversible case thanks to a gear transmission system that circumvents the oscillating weight. Its two barrels also guarantee a comfortable 65-hour power reserve.

    Each component is carefully machined by Diamond tipped tools. Most Ceramic watch case components are manufactured by the mass production Mould-Injection method.

    100% Squadra design and functions

    The exceptional quality of black ceramics has also opened up original prospects for the designers of the Manufacture, who play brilliantly on the powerful contrasts between gold or titanium and the black shade of the case. The superbly treated black dials are lit up by white numerals in the inimitable Reverso style, while certain essential signature features such as the seconds hand or the movement operating indicator appear in red so as to enable instant reading of the important information. On the back, the spectacular world-time function indicates the entire set of time zones on a transparent disc subdivided into 24 hours and offering a glimpse of the complexity of the automatic Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 753. It even features a delicately shaded zone that serves as a day/night indication in order to avoid any confusion in reading world time. The Reverso Squadra WWT Polo Fields Chronograph has nonetheless taken the liberty of “replacing” some capitals by the locations of the major polo grounds where aficionados meet up around the world: Palm Beach Florida; Palermo, Argentina; Ham London in the United Kingdom, Sotogrande in Spain and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Clarity, legibility and high technology are the keynotes of this model with a swivel case that continues to turns heads.

    In the heat of action, readability is the supreme criterion and the Reverso Squadra WWT Polo Fields Chronograph wins this particular contest by several lengths. Located at 9 and 3 o’clock, the chronograph minute and hour counters also adopt a “squarely” determined attitude, whereas the red seconds hand makes a striking contrast with the black and white elements. The large date at 12 o’clock boasts a crystal-clear display through twin apertures, while the movement running indicator at 6 o’clock provides constant proof that the watch is indeed operating smoothly. Finally, elegance and functionality also combine on the case middle, where the streamlined crown and pushpieces in pink gold or titanium accentuate the stylistic power of a case whose unique appearance is further highlighted by the articulated rubber strap with a metal core. This sophisticated wristband is equipped with a steel folding clasp featuring a safety button device that prevents any accidental opening. As a watch entirely dedicated to speed and precision, it is also water-resistant to 50 metres, another indispensable feature of any selfrespecting sports model.

    Very accurate measurements are essential in JLC Ceramic component production.

    When deciding which material to associate with the high-tech ceramics, devotees of polo and of Jaeger-LeCoultre will have to choose between two aesthetic options to accompany the absolute black of the case: the gentle warmth of pink gold, or the intense grey of titanium for a tone-on-tone contrast. The grade 5 titanium used by the Manufacture is an alloy that also comprises a small proportion of aluminium and vanadium. This material is widely used in aeronautics due to its high level of mechanical resistance, as well as in orthopaedic surgery because of its biocompatibility that ensures it is perfectly tolerated inside the human body.

    Moreover, it is sufficiently hard to enable polishing, contrary to pure titanium. In a perfect hightech alliance with ceramics, it will prove equally stainless and stable over the long term. And to make an innately difficult choice even tougher, one should also mention that the pink gold edition will be produced in a limited edition of 500.

    Diamond tipped tools meant for Ceramic components.

    Zirconium Oxide powder and the ceramic case components.

    Playing its role as the Reverso of extremes to the full, the Squadra WWT Polo Fields Chronograph is ultimate in all respects, right down to the smallest details. It successfully manages to remain entirely true to the genetic heritage of the Reverso, which it nonetheless transcends by its exceptional character. More Reverso than ever, it returns 77 years later to the polo fields where its illustrious forerunner was born, while sporting a powerful personality that makes it even more attractive.


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    Thumbs up

    Gracias, muy interesante.
    Por cierto con esos nuevos brazaletes todos los JLC mejoran un montón y son comodisimos.

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    Este si que es un reloj a la altura que se espera de JLC

    Cuando lleguemos a ese río,ya hablaremos de ese puente.

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    Predeterminado Jaeger para mi esta entre las 3 mejores del mundo mundial!!!!

    Hola foreros!!! Que bonito reportaje, y que pasada de relojes que esta lanzando Jaeger le Coultre, esta creando una serie de relojes que no dejan indiferente a nadie. Para mi esta manufactura esta entre las mas grandes, no mas de tres, podrian ser Patek Philippe, A-lange, y Jaeger, porque Audemars piguet, no tiene esa calidad de calibres no os parece???

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    ¡Que obra de arte! Y que interesante ver el proceso.

    <o:p> </o:p>Saludos

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    Muy interesante, gracias por la informacion. Creo que han acertado con la estetica, me gusta y mucho.
    “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve”
    Torreznos & Friday's Mail Club

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    como dije ayer respecto a JLC, me sigue sorprendiendo su capacidad de crear nuevas bellezas. Y confieso... me gusta ese armis , pero no se lo digáis a nadie .
    "Estos son mis principios, y si no le gustan tengo otros"
    Groucho Marx

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    Cita Iniciado por DIEGO HIDALGO Ver mensaje
    Hola foreros!!! Que bonito reportaje, y que pasada de relojes que esta lanzando Jaeger le Coultre, esta creando una serie de relojes que no dejan indiferente a nadie. Para mi esta manufactura esta entre las mas grandes, no mas de tres, podrian ser Patek Philippe, A-lange, y Jaeger, porque Audemars piguet, no tiene esa calidad de calibres no os parece???
    Muy de acuerdo. Y no es que AP no tenga buenos calibres, que los tiene, sino que JLC saca todos los años unos relojes tanto en diseño como en complicaciones, que dejan parva a la insigne Patek. Yo también pienso que ahora mismo la tres que citas posiblemente esten a la par. El reverso Gyrotourbillon es increíble. Todavía estoy conmocionado por las fotos que puso Gigio.

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    Como a mi, como el armis del Cartier Seatimer. El resto nada de nada

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