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Hilo: Indudable origen Rolex , Radiomir - Foro General

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    ninguno Graham...no entiendo
    Fácil. El primer reloj de la marca Graham es de 1997

    "Mr. Jaquet is not only a partner to The British Masters, but he also is our most strategic supplier of our special movements. We contacted Mr. Jaquet first in 1995, at the early days of our project life. We wanted to create a unique and clearly different chronograph as the first tribute to George Graham. After a fantastic and deeply technical brainstorming, we came to the conclusion that it would be possible to create a Foudroyante chronograph. We first planned to make a 1/10th second Foudroyante, but the technical side shown limits that created great danger for the continuation of the development. We finally decided to realise an 1/8th a second for three following reasons:

    1. The Foudroyante mechanism could then be directly connected to the escapement that is a 4 Hertz frequency, without intermediary gear system that would have made the system heavier and more delicate.
    2. The average human time reaction from an event to a muscular reaction is 1/4th a second, so we applied a double precision to this parameter.
    3. British never used metric system and they like to divide distance, weight and money in half, 4th and 8th, why not doing same for timing?

    Mr. Jaquet was so motivated that he proposed to include another function he was already using in his wonderful Venus Chronograph (an old Venus chrono with outstanding performance that he redeveloped entirely with his own improvements). This function is a coaxial spilt second, meaning that the split command is done through a pusher included in the crown. The movement was finally developed after two years of efforts and a lot of trial and error prototypes. We realised a dream watch for our re-birthing brand Graham 1695, a unique automatic movement with Foudroyante second, coaxial spilt second and bicompax counters (two counters at 3H and 6H). So, we delivered the first Foudroyante watches Graham in gold with twin barrel springs and twin column wheels in autumn 1997."


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    Ahora voy entendiendo...
    Gracias Jesus y un abrazo.

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