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    Predeterminado Algunas ideas de como competir en ebay >>>

    El post de mateuro me ha recordado una cosa que he escrito sobre el tema de ebay y de como competir en su sistema de subastas.
    Mi desculpai por estar escrito en ingles, pero es el esperanto en la web
    Si teneis comentarios o sugerencias para lo mejorar, por favor me digan!

    At a classic auction, the bidding goes on until no one covers the last bid.
    At ebay a auction is open for a given (fixed) period of time.
    This makes the whole difference between the two, because in a classic auction there’s always time to react to a bid, while at ebay that might be impossible when you’re near to the closure time of the auction.

    Some electronic auction sites automatically extend the closure time of the auction if a bid is entered very near to the closure time, making them similar to a classic auction, but that’s not the case at ebay. It is unfortunate that ebay rules have led to the emergence of sniping, as it potentially reduces the fun of competitive auction bidding; but such is evolution, and the now common practice of 'sniping' can still result in enjoyable auctions when viewed at face value.

    The idea at ebay is that everyone bids their maximum value and in the end the winner gets it at a price that covers the second higher bid.
    In accordance with this simple principle, there’s no real point in winning about having been outbid by a sniper or anything, because what really happened was that <b>someone willing to pay more for the item showed up and, consequently, has entered a higher bid.</b>

    The fact that at ebay a auction closes at a fixed pre-established deadline makes it very similar with the classic call for tenders (as my friend Mike, aka v_roomy, pointed out), where people can present their tender until a pre-established deadline. But, in call for tenders, the tenders are delivered CLOSED in order to not reveal relevant information to the competitors.

    So, how can you mimic the call for tenders procedure in a system where your bids are made public the moment you enter them?
    Simple, bid at the last minute


    Last minute bidding defends the bidder of shilling, a forbidden, yet common, practice at ebay . If you place a bid too soon the seller can use a “shill account” to place bids just to take the auction value closer to the maximum of your bid.

    Last minute biding also protects you from what I call “competitive schmucks”, people willing to pay just say $75 for an item and that, if someone outbids them, start loco bidding, just because they don’t like being outbid.

    Again on all accounts, the problem is the same, you have revealed relevant information too soon, allowing others to take actions against you.

    I hope this covers all. Any suggestions, please feel free to post them!

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    Gracias Paulo, son muy utiles esas pautas...metí la pata hace poco con un amigo mio, espero que me perdone por mi absoluta ignorancia en como "negociar" en Ebay...
    Un abrazo.